99¢ - My Fake Fiancé

99¢ - My Fake Fiancé

Genre: 99 Cents!, Billionaire, Suspense

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How did a lie and one car ride turn into a full-blown engagement?
It all started with a sign... Literally.

You might have life figured out, but I definitely don't.
I'm an aspiring novelist who is destined to be single.
I'm an imperfect mess -- and that might be an understatement.
To survive the Holidays, I did something crazy.
I walked up to L.A.'s hottest bachelor and gave him a proposal.
Now, I'm in big trouble.
Trouble in the chiseled form of Miles Churchill.
He's richer than sin and he's carrying a huge package.
Falling for him wasn't part of the arrangement.
Nor is the life changing surprise that's about to change everything...


(2018/12/17 #)