99¢ - Monster Love

99¢ - Monster Love

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Featured Deal, Suspense

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The new guy in town is a dirty secret from my past—a man I haven’t seen in eighteen years—since he went to prison for murder.

Owen is sexy, dangerous, hard, and filled with demons. I still crave him. One look into his turbulent hazel eyes and I’m a goner. I want him, but I can’t risk my career over an ex-con. If I do, everything he sacrificed will be for nothing.

The thing is, I know he’s not the monster they say he is. But telling the truth will unravel our carefully fabricated web of deceit.

When a journalist, the sheriff, and my district attorney boyfriend begin digging into our past, I’ll have to choose between continuing the lie and living without Owen or unveiling the truth and risking the consequences.

If you like the heat of Fifty Shades and the darkness of Bared to You, then you’ll devour Jeana E. Mann’s hot, complex standalone novel.

Buy Monster Love today and delve into the dark side of attraction.


(2018/05/14 #)