99¢ - Mine

99¢ - Mine

Genre: 99 Cents!, Box Set, May December

Four insanely steamy, over-the-top insta-love novellas.
Possessive, protective heroes who will do anything for their woman.
Heroines who fall head-over-heels for the man they've been waiting for.
Candy sweet, scorching hot, heart-melting HEAs.

This box set includes:

A massage therapist is in way over her head until a billionaire club owner rescues her from certain ruin. Now that he's claimed her, he will stop at nothing to save her from the dangers lurking just behind them.

Be Mine
A contract for one fake date. A love that is long overdue. A combustible story about two people who were never supposed to be together, but couldn't stay apart.

Private Client
A chance meeting between a billionaire banker and a woman with her first real office job leads to explosive chemistry - has he finally found the one thing missing in his life?

Mountain Man's Valentine
A tech entrepreneur seeks solace in the mountains after a personal tragedy tore his life apart. But when he rescues a woman in peril on his property - a woman he has been captivated by for a year - they both discover that he will do anything to protect her.


(2018/08/20 #)