99¢ - Merciful Love (The Lavender Vale Farm Series Book 1)

99¢ - Merciful Love (The Lavender Vale Farm Series Book 1)

Genre: 99 Cents!, New Adult & College, Novella

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They’d been kept apart because of secrets and fear. When they finally meet, will their fractured pasts keep them from seeing their common connection?

A Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Faye Andrews wants to keep the shameful truth about her real father a secret.

Chase Michaels wants to make his guardian's last days as peaceful as possible and vows to protect him at all costs.

Faye’s life is heading down the road to nowhere when her mother shows up with a request Faye wants to refuse, but can’t. Her bio-dad is dying and she needs to head south to Thistle, Texas, and help set his affairs in order. Except, bio-dad doesn’t want her help, he wants reconciliation. He wants her love.

Chase’s life is spiraling out of control. His guardian, Heath, the only person left who cares about him, is dying. Vowing to protect him, Chase is wary when the legitimate heir arrives and worries that she’ll make Heath’s last days miserable and ruin all the hard work Chase has done to the farm.

A man on his deathbed. An estranged daughter. A young man who belongs to no one. And the mercy they find in a loving God who brings them all together.

Amazing story you cannot put down! Well written, emotional, heartwarming story with very realistic characters. ★★★★★ by B. Cinkoske

There is a depth of emotion that was utterly breathtaking in its scope. ★★★★★ by Kristen Lewendon

This book touched me deeply. It was moving and inspirational and Jackie did a wonderful job with a tough subject. Very well written and heartfelt. Stays with you long after reading. ★★★★★ Amazon customer

About This Series
From the Lavender Vale Farm series.

•Book 1- Merciful Love
•Book 2- Graceful Harmony
•Book 3- Blessed Gifts

And more to come!
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