99¢ - Loved by the Dark Lady

99¢ - Loved by the Dark Lady

Genre: 99 Cents!, Historical

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British journalist Howland Brandt finds himself stranded deep in the heart of Bohemia. Seeking shelter from the frigid, snowy night, he stumbles upon a secluded chateau where Countess Ludmila Riga offers him a bed. The price? A night of sin in her arms.

Married young to an elderly nobleman, Mila has never had control of her life or her body. What might seem a harmless game to Howland is a refreshing taste of freedom for her. She relishes having the Englishman at her mercy, but, before their romance comes to an end, Mila must accept that true love is a partnership.

This is a stand-alone novel.
Romance Heat Level: Warm-Hot (4.5 out of 5)


(2018/05/04 #)