99¢ - Leviathans

99¢ - Leviathans

Genre: 99 Cents!, Sci-Fi


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Love or Death. Which will she choose?

Spirited Yola Sal works in the salt mines for two credits a day. When her post-apocalyptic town is attacked by a blood-thirsty Leviathan, an alien warrior saves them all. The same sexy alien who claims Yola belongs to him!

Thorne Rook is a Xazen warrior on a mission to find his mate. The rulers of Earth offered the alien warriors human brides in exchange for getting rid of the Leviathans.

But sassy Yola has no intention of being sold off to an alien. All she wants is to call the shots in her own life.

Thorne is determined to earn the love of his mate. But will he agree to help headstrong Yola find the freedom she craves?

This is a gritty post-apocalyptic adventure with a sassy heroine and a lovesick alien warrior. Expect flying sword fights, epic battles, depraved raiders, mutants, and super-hot sexy times with a seven foot tall alien.


(2015/08/25 #)