99¢ - Let Me Watch

99¢ - Let Me Watch

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Featured Deal, Suspense

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She likes being watched. She wants to watch too.

She's an artist, beautiful and fearless. Her sexually deviant exhibitions have rocked the New York art scene. Her perverse public performances go viral every time.

But one obsessive fan wants to do more than watch. Pretty soon, watching won’t be enough. He can’t control his urge for much longer.

I can’t hide my past mistakes forever. The truth could break us – I can’t let that happen. As long as he’s out there, harboring his dark desire, I have to protect her.

He'll hurt her if he doesn't get his way. He's a monster. I should know; I helped create him.

Publisher’s note: “Let Me Watch” is a standalone, full-length dark romance with explicit sexual content, including BDSM practices. HEA guaranteed — no cliffhangers, no cheating! It contains material some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.


(2018/05/11 #)