99¢ - Keeping His Secret

99¢ - Keeping His Secret

Genre: 99 Cents!, Erotic Romance, Featured Deal, Suspense

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I knew she'd be mine from the moment her needle pricked me.

I was only looking for a new tattoo, not love.
My job doesn't allow it.
But Lilly--that soft touch, those reckless curves tucked into tight jeans, her precision--was far more dangerous.
Our pasts are both filled with demons and secrets.
It keeps us from having something special together.
They will take her if they get the chance.
And the baby she's secretly carrying.
Lucky for us, I'm good at what I do.
They fu@ked with the wrong family.

Buy this steamy suspenseful romance now if you want to be satisfied later. 60,000 word full length novel. Happily ever after, of course. **Exclusive content and extras included.**


(2018/04/18 #)