99¢ - Just For You

99¢ - Just For You

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Featured Deal, Military

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They sent me away. No time to say goodbye
I didn't know if I loved her. I didn't know she was carrying my child.
But when I saw her again I knew she still possessed me.

I was the college playboy. The rich shit with Daddy's money.
Lucie was my childhood friend.
One night was all it took - rekindled our friendship...
Ignited our lust.

Then I fucked up. And was gone.

Now I'm back, and I'm a better man.
The question is will Lucie still believe it?
Can we have a second chance?
I can see the old spark in her eyes. She shares my longing...

I hurt her all those years ago.
Now I need to step up and prove my heart.
Own my past...
And show her my love for this child.
The child that looks like me.

Author's Note: This full-length steamy romance is what you need to fire up your Kindle!!!


(2018/07/20 #)