99¢ - His Unfinished Conquest

99¢ - His Unfinished Conquest

Genre: 99 Cents!, Holiday, Sport

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She’s on my mind for 10 years.

I am Reed Dunn.
I have everything money can buy. Houses. Cars. Fair-weather friends.
But what I truly want is the forgiveness of the only woman I have ever loved.
I lost her due to my complicated past.
Now I want a second chance with her.
Amelia Poole.
She’s in trouble. A mountain of debt left by her father.
I found my chance to help her.
But she still hates me.
I know there’s no time for that. Her debtors have come for her.
I will protect her.
Those thugs have no idea who they are dealing with.
I’m giving all I’ve got to protect her.

All I need is a second chance.


(2018/09/10 #)