99¢ - His Boss's Daughter

99¢ - His Boss's Daughter

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Featured Deal, Holiday

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My boss’s daughter crashed into my life…like fireworks. 

And now, she’s carrying my baby. 

I am a Navy SEAL, and a single dad to the most beautiful son on the planet.

Ethics come naturally to me,

Except when I see Alexa.

Oh…I am drawn like a moth to flame,

And want to drown myself in the vast ocean of her deep, blue eyes.

This is wrong on so many levels.

She’s the boss’s daughter, and so much younger.

But then…it’s been a long time.

No matter how hard I try to resist, life keeps bringing her back to me.

I need her.

My boss is going to kill me if he finds out.

And I’m going to do everything to claim what’s mine – my family.


(2019/06/26 #)