99¢ - Her Highland Defender

99¢ - Her Highland Defender

Genre: 99 Cents!, Historical

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Blane Ross is fighting a one-man war. Revenge is all the drives him. 

However, when he stops at a castle for information and rest, he doesn't expect to come across a fierce, beautiful lass in sole charge. But Blane doesn't have time to aid the attractive lass, no matter how much her haunting blue eyes tug at a heart he thought had turned to stone long ago. The only way he'll ever feel whole again is to ensure his enemies pay.
Desperate for help, Ceana rejoices at the arrival of this impressive stranger. With all the men joining the fight against the English at Bannockburn, it's up to Ceana to ensure their fathers and brothers have a home to return to. She'll do anything to make the highlander stay, even giving away her one secret.
Blane receives his chance for revenge, but at what cost? Will Ceana and her family pay the price for his negligence just as his village did? Or can he protect them, even while he finds himself drawn to the stubborn woman and blinded by an attraction deeper than his thirst for English blood?

Her Highland Defender is a steamy Scottish romance, perfect for those who love a touch of history, heat, and a hero willing to do anything to protect his lass.


(2020/01/17 #)