99¢ - HellKat

99¢ - HellKat

Genre: Contemporary, FREE!, Mystery, Suspense

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Love comes at a price. And Kat James comes from a family who never needs to check the tag.

But costly lies have a way of coming due. And Kat will discover that the life she's been living is the biggest lie of all. And her own family is responsible for the life-altering betrayal.

Tucker Williams knows all about the damage caused by family secrets. He's been fighting the fallout from them since he was a kid. And he knows his battles are still far from over.

When Kat and Tucker meet, sparks fly. But their relationship will foster the meeting of two dangerous minds from within their own families; a merger of madness Kat and Tucker could not have anticipated. Because family is supposed to watch your back.

But sometimes they stab you in it instead.

(Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.)


(2018/12/03 #)