99¢ - Hell Bent

99¢ - Hell Bent

Genre: Contemporary, Military


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I'm stuck as the Best Man in my best friend's wedding and I'd do anything to get out of it. I know the Maid of Honor is going to be a some cheap skank and I'll be trapped with her all weekend.

F**k, I guess it doesn't matter. It's not like I need to settle down with anyone any time soon. What's more important than my freedom?

Except when I see her, all I can think of is my hard c**k and how I can make it go away. She's got a smart-mouth and is such a man-hater.

I don't need her. What the f**k is happening?

I can't get her body out of my mind, and her spunky temper isn't enough to scare me off.


I don't need a man in my life. Especially not the stuffy entitled prick I'm bound to meet at this in-your-face, extravagant wedding.

I meet him, and my determination flies out the window - along with my sense of shame. What am I doing, teasing him like that? I've never been easy, but all of a sudden I'm acting like the cheapest date in town.

He thinks he can just show up at my place and I'll fall into his arms. Well, I've got a surprise for him too.

He tries to convince me that he's worth my effort, my sacrifice.

I don't want to believe him. If only I could stop myself.


(2015/09/10 #)