99¢ - Hawk

99¢ - Hawk

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance


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My stepbrother thinks he owns me.

Six years ago, he disappeared. No calls, no texts, not even a postcard.

Suddenly he's back- bigger, badder, and cockier than ever.

I want his massive arms wrapped around me. I want him in my bed each time he gives me that smirk. Every time he touches me, I'm ready for him to pin me to the wall and make me scream.

Too bad lust doesn't mean forgiveness.


I'm coming home and I'm bringing hell with me.

Four years ago, I was given an impossible choice. Staying meant putting Alexis in danger. The only way I could protect her was to disappear.

I spent four years on the other side of the world getting shot at and dragging dying kids out of firefights, my every dream haunted by her memory.

The thought of all the ways I'd put my hands on her body and my mouth on her skin kept me sane.

Then I found out the world went crazy: My father married Alex's mother. He'd taken over the town and its criminal underworld.

I thought by leaving I'd keep her safe, but I only put her deeper in harm's way.

Now I'm back to fix my mistakes. Alexis is mine, stepsister or not, and my father will pay for what he's done.


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