99¢ - Forever: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance Box Set

99¢ - Forever: A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance Box Set

Genre: 99 Cents!, BDSM, Billionaire, Box Set, Contemporary, Featured Deal

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Long weekend coming up? Settle in with this box set of three steamy older man, younger woman contemporary romance novellas. First times and older men were never so much fun!

Summer Crush

She's perfect enough to make me forget what a good man I am.
She makes me think very, very bad things.

Hailey was sent here for me to look after, but I want to do more than look.
I think she sees me as just her father's friend - but then I catch her doing something extremely inappropriate on my couch.
She's in need of a stern talking-to.
My house. My rules.

Night Fever

I wanted my first time to be with an older, experienced man on my birthday. I wanted a one-night-stand. Fate had other plans.

No names. Few words.
One look.
I was ready to give away my V-card, and the handsome older man at the end of the bar made my heart race.
Big, intoxicating, with blue eyes, a strong jaw, and expert hands.
Quick, hot, dirty passion.
He possessed me.
I never thought I'd see him again.
Then I found out who he was.

One look was all it took.
I didn't know her name.
I knew she was perfect.
Overprotected, sheltered.
Young. Innocent.
And like two ships in the night with no light to guide them, we crashed.
I took her. Claimed her. Made her mine.
Then she ran.
But she didn't get far.

Claiming His Dancer

The first night, the hot older man at my work party had my body pinned to his. The second, his pet names were driving me wild. And the third...I knew I wanted him to be my first.

It all started with a prank.
I broke into my older, hot new dance instructor's office.
He caught me. Told me I didn't belong in there.
Kicked me out, but not before I got a good taste of just how irresistible he is.
He's big, hot, and those green eyes make me melt.
But I'm too inexperienced for him.
Plus, all the rules say we can't be together.

The first time I saw her dance, I knew I wanted her.
The first time our eyes locked, I knew I was done for.
She is off-limits, too young, too innocent for me.
I am disciplined. Controlled.
But I lose all control around her.
She is trouble.
She is bad.
And she is mine.

Each of these steamy novellas is a stand-alone with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and HEAs all around.

xx, Lauren


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