99¢ - First Lust

99¢ - First Lust

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Sport

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Why did my brother’s best friend have to be so damn sexy?
Teddy was back, and lightning strikes the same place twice.
I didn’t want to say no to him anymore.

I was shocked to find out who Callie was.
Before she was a memory from long ago.
A damn good one, I might add.
Now she was my best friend’s sister.
And my new boss.
It’s complicated.
And seeing her naked in my mind every meeting isn’t helping.

Teddy tended to show up at just the right moment.
Each time he’s popped into my life at a bad time, making it better.
I couldn’t forget the way I felt in his arms or underneath him.
The way his teeth felt nibbling on my neck…
Teddy was still the man that I desired.
Still the man that I wanted to feel deep inside me.

First Lust is a stand-alone novel. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA!


(2018/08/01 #)