99¢ - Fatal Attraction

99¢ - Fatal Attraction

Genre: 99 Cents!, Holiday, Sport

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Pregnant. A baby. A lifelong commitment. Seems fu@king serious. 

Well, I don't do commitments.
I believe in fun and one night stands.
And that was supposed to be just one such night.
But now, I can't stop thinking about her.
Maybe it's time for a change...

Her perfect skin, those sparkling blue eyes, and that captivating smile.
Let's just call her irresistible;
My brain says no but my heart wants to take control,
And that's how she enters my world.
A world where fighting criminals is a routine.
But soon it got too dangerous.
Someone wants me dead.
They don't care whom they take along the way.
Even if it's Cici or our baby;
Now, all I know is I have two lives to protect.

I need to bring that smile back on her face and make her happy.
And no one can prevent that from happening. Absolutely no one! 

A Full-Length Bad Boy steamy romance novel. Absolutely no Cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Bonus Content included in ebook version after the main story.


(2018/04/27 #)