99¢ - Fake Pet

99¢ - Fake Pet

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Featured Deal

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My billionaire boss is known for taking pets.
And now he wants me to submit to his every command.

He's older, experienced, powerful, and hella hot.
But he's also so damn cocky and demanding.
I always thought I'd be too independent and strong-willed for that.
But now I find myself craving his touch, his kiss, and even his control.
I hold off, but then he asks me to just pretend to be his pet, to help him out.
I figure, what could be wrong with trying it out and seeing if I like it?
Except that if word gets out, my reputation and even career could be destroyed!

Will being his fake pet ruin my life or bring us real happiness?

I can't stop thinking of her, but can I persuade her to give into me?

My employee Eileen has the body of my dreams.
But I have certain needs that involve being dominant and in charge.
And she's as feisty and unpredictable as those curves of hers suggest.
I tell myself that trying to make her my pet will only lead to trouble.
But I'm used to taking what I want, when I want it.
What I want is to bend her over my desk and make her mine.
Then my uncle says he plans to make me heir to his empire.
He owns a club for men who regularly have pets, and currently I don't.
Because the only woman I can think about is Eileen.
Since my inheritance is on the line, she agrees to play along as my pet.
But thanks to our charade, she soon needs something fake herself- a fiancé.
And for the first time ever, I'm beginning to want that too, for real.

Will this scheme destroy our lives or help us create a new life together?

Fake Pet is a full-length standalone office romance novel of over 60,000 words. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!


(2019/04/09 #)