99¢ - Dragon with Benefits (Forgotten Dragons Book 4)

99¢ - Dragon with Benefits (Forgotten Dragons Book 4)

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Interracial, Multicultural

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She wants an interview. He wants her forever...

Everyone knows Trevor is competent. The gold dragon protects his region perfectly as second-in-command and is there for anyone who needs him, despite his surly demeanor. When his lowest moment ends up going viral, Trevor catches attention he doesn't need. Getting close to beautiful reporter Petra is the last thing he should be doing. Too bad the dragon inside Trevor can't stop roaring at him to get his hands on her curves.

Petra needs a promotion, and the only way to get it is through grumpy, handsome, gigantic Trevor. When her persistence finally lands her an interview, sparks fly, and Petra finds herself drawn into a world she never could have expected. A world filled with sensuous kisses, caresses in the dark, and deep secrets. But the more time she spends with Trevor, the more she's finding it hard to focus on her article, when the real story seems to be what's going on in her heart.

As Trevor ignores the rules of his world to have a whirlwind romance with Petra, he knows he's playing with fire. But she's the only woman he has ever wanted, and when powerful new creatures threaten his happiness, they'll find that a dragon never gives up his mate.

Dragon with Benefits is book 4 in the Forgotten Dragons series! You can read it alone or with the other books.


(2020/01/10 #)