99¢ - Dirty Desires

99¢ - Dirty Desires

Genre: 99 Cents!, Western

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Two Full Lenght Novels Not Published Before

Dirty Desires: Lost love can be hard to overcome, but maybe she can help me find my way back again…

Her backside is what first caught my attention. Round, firm, plump, juicy.
Those are the words that ran through my mind when I first saw her bent over the table in front of me.
For a couple of years, she’d filled my fantasies, and now she was filling my dreams too.
But someone else had lived in my dreams for a long time.
I didn’t want her knocking that person out of my life forever.
Pushing her away seemed impossible. No matter how hard I tried, my arms kept pulling her back to me.
And just when I was able to let it all go, it all came crashing down on me again.
Had I been cursed? Doomed to live life without love? Or could she break that spell?

Innocent Assistant: I’d made the rules, so whose business would it be if I decided to change them…

From the moment we met, I knew she was something special.
Everything about her pulled me in; she was my gravity.
Purity and innocence blended with wisdom and clarity to make up her unique presence.
She was one of a kind, in more ways than one.
My fantasies about her were enough to turn me into a man I never knew I could be.
The pleasure would be endless when we finally gave ourselves to each other.
But forever isn’t a promise that is easily made.
And she wanted forever or nothing at all, making me wait and wonder if we would ever be more than just a boss and his assistant.

***This book is a full-length standalone novel with a guaranteed happily ever after, no cliffhanger and plenty of steamy scenes.

For a limited time, I have included an exclusive novel, Innocent Assistant, you won't find anywhere else!


(2018/04/30 #)