99¢ - Desired by the Dragon: A Fun & Flirty Romance (Mystic Bay Book 1)

99¢ - Desired by the Dragon: A Fun & Flirty Romance (Mystic Bay Book 1)

Genre: 99 Cents!, Comedy, Paranormal

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Desired by the Dragon: A BBW/Dragon Shifter & Fae Romantic Comedy

Temperamental dragon risks all to capture irresistible fairy. 


Quinn: She’s mine. My muse. My fated mate. My very own virgin. My dragoness. Mine. Claiming Moira by right of capture is primitive, forbidden, instinctive…

Moira: The Fae are notorious late bloomers, so I don’t do lust. Why has fate got me hot for a surly, bellowing dominant dragon? I better keep my knees locked, or we’re looking at eviction notices – or a mob wielding pitchforks.

Curvy Moira returns to magical Mystic Bay, where the paranormal is normal & fairy magic is just another talent. Billionaire dragon shifter Quinn quits his job at the family investment firm to paint full-time. Feisty BBW Moira instantly catches the eye of this growling alpha male.

But in Mystic Bay, it’s against the unspoken rules for the Fae to mate with shifters. Particularly apex-predators like dragons. If smouldering Quinn doesn’t want to get his entire clan run off their land, he’d better ignore luscious Moira.

But once this untamed, possessive beast discovers his fairy’s a virgin, he’s obsessed by dreams of dragonlings. But Moira’s so not going to be his hybrid-baby-mama. And she’ll surely erupt in flames if she finds out about Quinn’s hoard of naked fairy pictures…

Fans of light-hearted romantic comedy and the paranormal will adore this funny, spicy series with its delightful cast of quirky small-town eccentrics and sizzling happily ever afters. Enjoy snappy dialogue, fully rounded characters and a riveting plot full of twists and turns in this full-length, first-in-series page-turner.

Desired by the Dragon is the first book in the lighthearted Mystic Bay series. And the first story in the Shifters in Love’s Fun & Flirty romances. It includes bonus chapters of the next Mystic Bay book, Cherished by the Cougar.


(2019/09/16 #)