99¢ - Darkest Sin

99¢ - Darkest Sin

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Military

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There’s nothing in the world I can’t buy…
…except her.

Amber has no idea what she does to me.
She’s my secretary, but she’s also my obsession.
Those innocent eyes?
Those delicious curves?
She sets my blood on fire.

Out of all the women in the world, she’s the one I want.
The one I need.
But the sins of the past have dirtied my hands and my soul.
I can’t touch her.
I can’t have her.
I can never make her mine.

But I’ll do anything to stop my brother from making her his…
…even if that means taking her for myself.

Warning: This book does contain very intense scenes of trauma. It is not told to be titillating, rather to illustrate a character’s traumatic past. If these types of scenes upset you, please be aware of it. 

Note to the readers: This is a 300,000+ word full length standalone with no bonus content or bookstuffing. I do not encourage the practice so for those who may think this book is "too long", please note this is the culmination of a years worth of work. For those who may see some familiarity, I have polished and merged my Insatiable and Dark books with the final addition to the Blackthorne Saga. I hope you enjoy ~Ashton Blackthorne


(2018/06/18 #)