99¢ - Crown Jewel: A Hidden Kingdom

99¢ - Crown Jewel: A Hidden Kingdom

Genre: 99 Cents!, New Adult & College, Royal, Sport

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The night I met Prince Caelan, he told me he could never marry a commoner.
I slapped him in the face and to told him to f*ck off.
I've lived a hard life, and I've made a name for myself.
No man is ever going to tell me I'm not good enough.
But the lure of his lips and skilled hands is just too strong.
I can't stay away.
Will he destroy me... or will I pull away in time?

It was just supposed to be a summer fling.
A few months and Caelan and I had to be done.
He's betrothed to an awful princess. And he drives me absolutely insane.
The heat between us is unreal. His hands on my body, exploring me.
It's intense, unlike anything I've ever felt.
My rational thought disappears as soon as his lips touch mine.
I'm tired of being his secret, but he's like a drug I can't quit.

When I finally decide I'm done... I find out I have a secret of my own.
I'm pregnant... with royal twins. And I'm so sick that I won't be able to hide it for much longer.

The country has a secret, too. If Caelan has an heir, he can marry a commoner.
The only question is... will he still want me?

Or will I have to run from the government and royal families of this dangerous nation?

Crown Jewel is a 55k+ royal whirlwind of a romance that will leave you breathless and begging for more. There's a protective alpha male prince, a sassy American gal, a whole bunch of stuffy royals, and a few hikes in the Alps that lead to steamy summertime loving. Enjoy!




(2018/12/28 #)