99¢ - Comeback

99¢ - Comeback

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Sport

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A single mom on the run.
An ex-athlete in hiding.
Can love make a comeback before the past catches up?

“Train wrecks and bad boys.”

Single mom Emma Swenson desperately needed a new start -- so she escaped to small town Bayfield, Ontario, where her out-of-control ex can't possibly find her.

With a four-year-old daughter to raise, the struggling waitress doesn't have time to play games. But the same day Emma swears off men altogether, she meets temptation himself. Jack is tall enough to climb, built like an athlete, and maybe secretly rich. Even better? He's heart-meltingly good with kids.

But Emma knows to stay away from small town strangers with reputations for breaking hearts. Besides, what Mackenzie needs is a strong father figure ... not another train wreck.

So why won't Jack take no for an answer? And who is he, really?

“Lost my love of the game.”

Hockey star Jack Hathaway stunned the sports world when he walked out on a life of fame -- and never told a soul why.

The former Dallas Devils captain secretly retired to Bayfield, where the skies are blue, the water is crystal clear, and the ex-athlete has his pick of the tourist babes. No one in the tranquil lake paradise knows about his hockey past, and that's just the way he wants it.

But the latest girl to catch his eye isn't looking for a fling. Emma puts her adorable daughter first -- and she won't let the secretive athlete into their lives unless he proves himself worthy.

As much as Jack wants to forget his past? Emma and Mackenzie are a glimpse of the life he always wanted ... and this time, he won't let anyone take it away.

Can the muscular millionaire with a broken heart learn to love again?

Comeback is a 53,000 word small town hockey romance. This standalone novel is the second book in the Dallas Devils series. No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA always guaranteed!



(2019/06/08 #)