99¢ - Cherished by the Cougar

99¢ - Cherished by the Cougar

Genre: FREE!, Paranormal

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Claudia: How can I be legally married to some take-charge hunter I’ve never met? Sure, Ryan looks and acts like the dominant alphahole who fathered my son, but I know this cougar shifter is a stranger.

Sorceress and single mom Claudia is about to be turfed out of her hometown. The paranormal may be normal in Mystic Bay, but the town council draws the line at cougar-sorcerer hybrids like her son Jimmy.

When rumor names him as Jimmy’s father, cougar Ryan is asked by the head of his clan to marry BBW Claudia. Trouble is Marine Ryan has never met this curvy witch – it’s his cousin who’s the father of her child.

The attraction between them is instant, but plus-sized Claudia suspects it’s only a spell. Possessive, protective alpha male Ryan worries that his luscious bride gave her heart to Jimmy’s father. 

How can a marriage of convenience unite these two wary souls and lead to their happily ever after?

Enjoy a sexy romp filled with action and adventure as these two sensitives struggle to find love.

This standalone novel is Book 2 in the Mystic Bay series. It is set on the magical island of West Haven. It includes bonus chapters from 2 other Mystic Bay romances Beloved by the Bear and Desired by a Dragon. It is one of the many titles in the Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty line.


(2018/09/21 #)