99¢ - Buck Me... For Christmas

99¢ - Buck Me... For Christmas

Genre: 99 Cents!, Paranormal


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This Christmas, maybe all she needs is a little luck... or some buck?

Riley Seston has had a crappy year. Not only did her best friend move away to cold and distant Idaho, but her fiance and boss made off with all the money they'd collected for kids' Christmas presents and he had the nerve to cheat on her! So obviously, things are not great. And when her little jeep crashes through the cold, icy waters of a lake in Idaho, things are going from bad to worse. So no wonder Riley's a little low on Christmas spirit, right?

Blitz Frost is a man on a mission. A workaholic like no other, this buck has been sent to cool his heels at his family's cottage in Shifter Grove before the busiest few days of the year for him and his 8 brothers - Christmas! He had no intentions of enjoying it. None whatsoever. So when he finds himself rescuing a gorgeous, curvy damsel in distress and loving every second they spend together, this were reindeer is obviously thrown for a loop.

But isn't that what Christmas is about - a little wonder and a little mystery?

Can Blitz save Christmas for Riley? And can she save save him...


(2015/12/11 #)