99¢ - Bought By Three Hard Devils

99¢ - Bought By Three Hard Devils

Genre: 99 Cents!, Military, New Adult & College

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My parents sold me into slavery.

They decided a wagon-load of goods was fair trade for their adult daughter – and now I belong to the de Villes.

Everyone says they’re devils, that they’re bloodthirsty and ruthless, and…who knows! – possibly even cannibals.

There’s three of them, and the way they’re eyeing me off I can’t help but feel their hunger, but I don’t think it’s for my flesh, at least not in the way the stories tell.

My parents always taught me how important it is to share – I just never imagined three guys at once, sharing my body, giving me pleasure like I’ve never experienced in my whole life…

This is a full-length novel with an HEA. 18+ Only. Enjoy!


(2018/12/03 #)