99¢ - Blue Moon Dragon

99¢ - Blue Moon Dragon

Genre: 99 Cents!, Comedy, Paranormal

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Her 25th birthday is a wakeup.

Secretary Emma Montrose is frustrated with waiting for Jack Sullivan to take action.

It’s time for courage.

It’s time to embrace her romantic ambitions.

It’s way past time.

Jack Sullivan. Taniwha (dragon shifter). Bad boy investigator. Grumpy. Tattoos and hotness. Women by the dozen.

Emma Montrose. Voluptuous girl-next-door. Relationship material.

Jack is no dummy. With the coming blue moon, he’ll steer clear of her innocent charms. He’ll stay far, far away.

Ah, fate.

Pushy destiny throws them together on an uncover assignment at a luxury resort. Jack and Emma have a crime to solve that requires two.

The case involves risk and danger.

Heck, they might not escape this with their lives.

You’ll love this bad boy dragon investigator’s battles with this sassy secretary because the fireworks explode as they deal with this crime. Oh, and did I mention the blue moon? The steam happens more than once on this blue moon!

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(2019/05/10 #)