99¢ - Blind in Love

99¢ - Blind in Love

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Featured Deal, May December, Second Chance

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I am her student

She’s twice my age

Sometimes…love is just blind

It all started with my fantasy for Miss Clark,

But that fantasy doesn’t stay in the class room, it follows me home.

She’s my next door neighbor,

I know it’s forbidden…her daughter is elder to me.

I know it’s dangerous…her ex is a stalker.

And yet, I want to lose my virginity only to her.

I’m falling for my teacher!

Good that she is in with me in this game and we decide to keep it a secret.

After all its only 2 weeks before I graduate and our relationship wouldn’t be illegal anymore,

But looks like destiny doesn’t want us to be together.

We are caught,

I am forced to move out to New York,

It’s been four long years, and I am back – to claim what’s mine. 

But would she still be waiting for me?


(2019/07/15 #)