99¢ - Billionaires Don't Like Nice Girls

99¢ - Billionaires Don't Like Nice Girls

Genre: 99 Cents!, African-American, Comedy, Romance


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Under cover of darkness, a mysterious hero silently prowls the streets of Zeke’s Bend. Labeled Captain Nice Guy by the small-town press, he selflessly performs kind deeds for those in need. No one knows the identity of the man behind the mask.

During a visit to his aunt’s home, tech tycoon Kent Holmes has an embarrassing midnight run-in with the local superhero. Kent longs to unmask the pesky guy who left him tied to a laundry pole, but gets distracted when he meets sexy hairdresser Phae Jones. She’s beautiful, feisty and strong, his perfect woman, and nothing will stop him from winning her.

Phae knows she’s not perfect. She has the secrets to prove it, but she won’t reveal them to anyone, especially not Kent. He’s the hottest man she’s ever met, a witty and passionate billionaire whose kisses curl her toes and make her heart pound.

He has too many expectations. She has too many secrets. Something has to give and it starts with a simple question only Kent thinks to ask—

What if Captain Nice Guy is actually Captain Nice Girl?


(2015/10/5 #)