99¢ - Best Man with Benefits

99¢ - Best Man with Benefits

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense

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NEVER sleep with the best man.
Especially if he's your brother's best friend.
And your first.


There I am, naked, trying on this dang bridesmaid's dress in the "women's only dressing room" and in walks Ol Big "bleep" Jacob.
The same Jacob that deflowered me.


Once my face stopped turning two shades of tomato, I sharply told him where to stick his big ego.


He doesn't deserve a second chance.
Or third, or fourth, or fifth...


But that cocky smile has a way of making panties spontaneously combust.
Well, these panties ain't going anywhere.
At least, I hope not...


This second chance romantic suspense offers one hell of a happily ever after and a surprise ending guaranteed to leave you breathless.

(2019/06/10 #)