99¢ - Best Friend Hot Roommate

99¢ - Best Friend Hot Roommate

Genre: 99 Cents!, Humor, Multicultural

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This is why moving in with my hot best friend was the worst idea ever:

I was a cautious single mom. He was the biggest player alive.
I had financial struggles. He played with billions.
He was hot. And I was... well, not.

So what did I do when he suggested that my son and I live with him?

I stared into his irresistible blue eyes and said yes.
The plan was simple.
I would move out as soon as I found an affordable place.
I only had to keep my horndog hands to myself for less than one month.

But him strutting around shirtless was not a part of the plan.
Neither was him eyeing me in my bathrobe.
Don't even get me started on the way he looked after my son (hashtag major turn on).

The plan went down in flames when his strong arms slid around my waist.
What happened next could be summed up in one simple equation.
Drama + Drama = More Drama 


(2018/12/03 #)