99¢ - Bad Boy's Bridesmaid

99¢ - Bad Boy's Bridesmaid

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The baby wasn’t on the guest list…But at least the invitation said +1?

Nate Kensington was trouble. One night with him and this good girl bridesmaid became a Maid of Dishonor. He'd promised no strings and no regrets…but what happens when once isn’t enough?

Falling for a sworn bachelor complicates everything, especially when this groomsman is the life of the wedding party. With two months until the big day, my family is a one spoiled shrimp-ring from total meltdown. The bridezilla might kill the groom, my divorcing parents are constantly fighting, and the wedding invitations were mistakenly printed on indigo paper…

…The same color as the positive line on my secret pregnancy test.

To get everyone to the church on time, I have to keep the baby a secret until after the wedding. But the bad boy daddy-to-be won’t stop chasing me, and I can’t risk my heart on a playboy who’s only after one thing.

I’m already in over my head.

I can’t go in over my heels too.


(2016/03/02 #)