99¢ - Bad Boy's Baby

99¢ - Bad Boy's Baby

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Second Chance

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He told me to call him Big D. By the end of the night I was screaming his name.

I was never supposed to meet the infamous Big D.
I only met him because I decided to look for trouble the night I caught my now-ex-fiancé cheating on me.
Instead, trouble ended up finding me - in the form of a big, hard, dirty-talking tattoo artist.
We had one crazy, toe-curling night together, and I was never supposed to see him again.
But he gave me more than just the memory of his kiss...

My lifestyle doesn't let me settle down.
I live in a seaside tourist town where women come and go like the seasons.
But all it takes is one touch, one taste of the curvy girl from the beach.
The princess with the little black dress and the fake diamond tiara.
She ran away like they all do, but she possessed my thoughts unlike any woman has before.

Now that Mandy's back, I'll do anything to claim her...and protect the baby that's rightfully mine.

Bad Boy's Baby is a standalone, super hot, fun, full-length romance novel with no cheating and an HEA that ties everything up in a pretty bow.


(2018/07/06 #)