99¢ - Baby's First Christmas

99¢ - Baby's First Christmas

Genre: 99 Cents!, Holiday

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All I want for Christmas is what’s mine.

Holly’s my best friend’s little sister.
I’ve known her all my life.
She’s almost my little sister.
Except our parents now hate each other.
Last year I came home from New York for Christmas and we crossed a line.
One night of drunken passion that I haven’t shaken from my head all year.
We haven’t seen or spoken since.
What better way to start my annual Christmas visit this year than to surprise her as her next massage client.
Turns out she has a surprise of her own.
A baby.
One with my eyes…
Enough with all of the secrets in our families.
I will claim Holly and my baby whatever the cost.

***Full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed happily-ever-after.***


(2018/11/28 #)