99¢ - Baby's Daddy

99¢ - Baby's Daddy

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Sport

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Mr. Tall, Dark, and Cocky is my baby's daddy.
He's finally back after all these years.
He just doesn't know he has a daughter.

He didn't know I was pregnant when he left our small town.
Neither did I.
But it doesn't change the fact that he's a jerk.
A 6'-5" body of steel jerk with soul-piercing eyes.
And a stare that says, "I take what the hell I want."

My heart is more guarded than Fort Knox.
I was prepared to tell him to shove those sexy eyes where the sun doesn't shine.
Until I saw him talking to our daughter.
His giant hands holding her small ones.
The way he smiled at her like only a father could.

My heart is broken, but there's room for him in it.
Maybe he'll stay once he knows the truth?
Maybe he will love both of us...


(2019/10/17 #)