99¢ - Baby (The Ember Brothers Book 1)

99¢ - Baby (The Ember Brothers Book 1)

Genre: 99 Cents!, New Adult & College

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Baby: The Ember Brothers
An Alpha Man and Curvy Younger Woman Insta Love Romance


I'm a good cop, but I have an eye for bad girls.
Annie is different. She's really bad. An ex-con with all of the baggage.
She's trouble, but she claims she didn't do it.
She only took the fall because she was forced to.
That could be true, but it could be a story she's made up, just so I'll protect her from the man that is hunting her.
I should know better.
Being a cop is second nature, but my animal instincts have kicked in and every ounce of me wants her, needs her and will protect her, no matter what.

Baby is an instalove, steamy hot but sweet story with no cliffhangers. You'll love this hot cop, curvy girl romance right from the start!


(2019/10/28 #)