99¢ - Auctioned To The Master

99¢ - Auctioned To The Master

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Paranormal

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"Get in there," he orders.
I don't have the energy to argue.
I'm really tired of being locked in cells, threatened and not being allowed to make my own decisions.
I climb into the cage and close the door on myself. 
I swallow hard, trying not to show fear.

"You know who is going to buy you, sweet human?"
"This lovely clan from northern Nevada. "
"Their favorite pastime is setting humans free in the desert, usually naked with no shoes, and hunting them down. "
"But I bet for you, they'd play with you a bit longer..."

All I ever wanted was to save humanity. To be able to find a cure.
And look at where I am now?

A giant rock begins to grow in my stomach as they yank the sheet off my cage.
I sand up.
I put on a defiant face, looking out at the crowd.

Then I see him.
He's in the middle of the crowd, staring right at me.
The Master. 

My breath catches in my throat.

"Five thousand," someone else calls out.
"Ten thousand," The Master calls.
I let out a choked gasp.

"Twice!?" the auctioneer asks.

Oh boy...
What's going to happen now?

This is a novel with a HEA. Adults Only! 


(2019/07/26 #)