99¢ - Alpha's Virgin

99¢ - Alpha's Virgin

Genre: 99 Cents!, Box Set, Fantasy, Featured Deal, Paranormal

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I know he has secrets, but I want him to take my virginity anyway.
Maybe he'll change my life in more ways than one.

He's the hottest guy I've ever seen.
But something tells me he's more than just a guy.
He seems more animal than human.
Some say he's dangerous and not to get too close.
But he seems to know and understand me better than anyone else.
He's tall, handsome and muscular, and a part of him seems so wild.
He wants to take me and make me his in every way possible.
I can't resist his charms.
But once I give in, I want to fight him.
I both love and hate his control and dominance.
I don't know what he's turning me into.
Or maybe being with him is just revealing who I truly am.

Is his secret also my own?
And will our love be strong enough to see us through these changes?

Alpha's Virgin is a collection of four full-length steamy paranormal romance novels about strong, feisty women falling for alpha male werewolf shifters. Each book is standalone but connected by the same elements, so it's recommended that you read them all together in this one series collection! The stories are complete and contain no cliffhangers or cheating. They do contain happy ever afters and a lot of heat and are for mature readers only.

The books contained in this collection are: 1. Alpha's Birthday Virgin; 2. Alpha's Halloween Virgin; 3.Alpha's Christmas Virgin; and 4. Alpha's Valentine's Day Virgin.


(2019/05/15 #)