99¢ - Accidental Savior

99¢ - Accidental Savior

Genre: 99 Cents!, Holiday, Military

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She’s a temptation I can’t resist. 

But she has secrets of her own,

She won’t tell me what’s bothering her.

The sadness in her eyes draws me in,

Her s@xy personality entices me to stay.

And I’m determined to protect her.

Once I find out about her ex,

I swear to God, I’ll send him to hell.

But secrets always get uncovered.

She thinks it’s all a plan,

And then she walks away.

Not alone…but with my seed inside her!

Well, I am a fighter and I don’t lose,

And this time I am not letting her go.

It’s time to stand up against my step-brother and my family.

I’m risking it all for my own family!


(2019/07/29 #)