99¢ - Accidental Princess

99¢ - Accidental Princess

Genre: 99 Cents!, Comedy, New Adult & College

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They call me Prince Playboy... but she'll call me husband.
I married an American woman by accident.
My parents--the king and queen--are going to kill me.
But I don't give a f*ck.
Freya's mine--from her smart mouth to her perfect a$$,
She belongs to me.
I've got the marriage certificate to prove it.
There's just one little thing--I need to tell her I'm aprince,
And I'm nevergranting her a divorce.
This playboy has found his queen,

And I intend to make this fake marriage real.
I'll keep Freya--and the royal baby inside of her--forever.

Accidental Princess is a steamy, sultry standaloneromance, the first in the Hidden Kingdom Series. The series follows theroyals of the Hidden Kingdoms and their journeys through love andheartache. Accidental Princess contains NO cliffhangers, ZERO cheaters,and lots of delightful dalliances on the sun-soaked beaches of Ibiza.


(2018/09/10 #)