99¢ - Accidental Love

99¢ - Accidental Love

Genre: 99 Cents!, Featured Deal, Holiday, Military

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He was like my brother. I never meant to fall for him.
But you can't choose who you love. Even when everyone's against it.

Remy was my protector. At least, that's how I always saw him. The brother I never had.
Till we got drunk one night and things took a very un-brotherly turn.
His sharp blue eyes went from sweet to mesmerizing, and his lips suddenly turned very, very kissable.
I still don't know what I was thinking.
All I know is that it was the best night of my life.
But Remy was so messed up. No way would he ever remember what happened.
So I pretended like it hadn't changed my life.
But pretending and forgetting are two different things.
Now I'm back. And I still want him.
I just have one question... does he still want me?


(2019/02/20 #)