99¢ - A Chance Encounter

99¢ - A Chance Encounter

Genre: 99 Cents!, Billionaire, Sport

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It just takes one chance encounter to find your someone special!

Women - I had sworn them off my life.
And then she crashes into me.
Those wide green eyes and the embarrassment in them... one look at her and time comes to a standstill.
And then she runs away.

I never thought I would ever see her again
But, later in my office, the same green eyes meet mine!
I try to resist but my heart rules over my mind.
And soon, I taste the first amazing kiss!

Can I keep myself from falling in love again, especially when I know she's a single mom, and men don't hold a place in her life?

A one of its kind steamy office romance that has no Cheating and a super HEA. Bonus Content included in ebook version after the main story.


(2018/04/20 #)