99¢ - A Bear Goal

99¢ - A Bear Goal

Genre: 99 Cents!, Paranormal


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When the fight gets heated, some bears just won't pucking give up...

Heath Locklear's been a bad boy puck bear all his life and he doesn't intend to stop. But when one sassy as hell woman gives him a piece of her mind, he can't seem to get her out of his mind anymore and no one else will do. Hated by the team she roots for, Heath has to not only escape his wild reputation, but break through all the people who don't want him anywhere around the woman who might just be his mate. With a goal in sight, he can't stop...

Sable Lynderly lives and breathes hockey. Working for the San Diego Predators and with two stepbrothers in the pros, she's as invested as anyone. Yet with a bad breakup and a public humiliation that was nationally televised in her past, she's not sure any hockey player deserves her heart again. But when Heath shows himself to be everything she thought him to be, and everything she didn't at the same time, that heart begins to question...

Can this hockey bear and hockey princess find one another and stay together, or is there just too much in their way?


(2016/03/07 #)