99¢ - Summer Loving

99¢ - Summer Loving

Genre: 99 Cents!, Dark Erotic, Sport

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He says he wants to save me.
I think he wants to own me.

My hands behind my back. My face in a pillow.
I was sick, broken. My life was going to end.
Until Julian pulled me back from the edge.
Muscular chest. Defined abs. Gorgeous, bright eyes.
Julian's a beacon and a black hole. Every move screams sex.
He gave me new purpose, new meaning.
But he's dangerous. Dark.
There's something terrifying inside of him.
I can't look away, but I'm too scared to reach out for his touch.
I crave him. I'm afraid of him.
He's the only thing standing between me and the people that want to hurt me.
But I don't think he's much better.
I should run.
Except I'm tied to the bed, and he'll be back soon...
And when that door opens, I know I'm in for a punishment.
The only problem is, I can't wait.

Summer Loving is a steamy, rough-and-tied-up dark romance with adult themes and some violence. It's only for readers 18+ looking for a dirty time.

Summer Loving is a full length, standalone novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA!


(2018/07/20 #)