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Temptation: Grey Wolves Rising #1

Temptation: Grey Wolves Rising #1

Genre: FREE!


Some werewolves walk the world forever in search of their mates. Gabriel Danes was one of the lucky ones--Joy Sutton just sort of appeared in his path one night six years earlier. Unfortunately, she came along too soon, leaving him with a painful choice: succumb to temptation and rob a young girl of her innocence, or suffer through season after season until she'd experienced enough of the world to know what she would have to give up if she decided to accept his bite.

Joy didn't need four years at a university in Miami to teach her anything about the world, but she went anyway because Gabriel Danes wanted a woman, not a girl...and because it was just too painful to watch him live his life around her while she yearned helplessly for what he wouldn't give. Now she's home, and she's done. Just done.

But when Joy tracks Gabriel down to let him know she's moving to Florida for good, his tightly-leashed control snaps--and Joy realizes she did learn something during four years of college.

She learned how to claim her mate.


(2015/08/22 #)

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